Chihuly Collection

The incredible sculptures of Dale Chihuly debuted in the Garden with his first exhibition here in 2004. Among the first of its kind, the exhibition demonstrated that the Garden was the perfect canvas for internationally acclaimed sculpture exhibitions, music and more. The show doubled Garden visitation and membership. An encore of all-new pieces were exhibited in 2016. Several iconic works are now a part of the Garden’s permanent collection.

Parterre Fountain Installation

You can’t miss what’s perhaps the most iconic of the Garden’s Chihuly collection – the centerpiece of Atlanta’s urban oasis since 2004.

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Radiant Yellow Icicle Tower

2022 brings a beacon of light to Storza Woods with the addition of a new Chihuly sculpture.

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Nepenthes Chandelier

Look up on your way through the Hardin Visitor Center. A one-of-a-kind creation by Dale Chihuly makes for a colorful start to a day in the Garden.

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Chihuly Drawings

See the beautiful inspiration behind Dale Chihuly’s renowned glassworks: frenetic canvases of color created by the artist himself.

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