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SAGE Parking Facility

Onsite parking is available in the SAGE Parking Facility for Garden guests on Levels 4, 5 and 6 via the Garden's Piedmont Avenue entrance. Park guests use Levels 1, 2 and 3 via Monroe Drive entrance.

The SAGE Parking Facility is currently card-only. Cash is not accepted.

Drop-off Period (0-30 minutes) FREE
31 - 60 minutes $3
Each additional 30 minutes $2
Maximum daily rate $30
Lost Ticket Fee $30

Please note: Handicap, UBER and Lyft drop-off is still allowed when the deck is filled. Rideshare drivers who leave the deck within 30 minutes of arrival will not be charged. Some Piedmont Park festivals require $35 flat-rate parking. Some Garden events require $10 flat-rate parking with $5 discounts for carpools of four or more.

Multi-Visit Parking Passes

Multi-visit parking passes may be purchased in the Garden Gift Shop for $6 with a preloaded amount and reloaded there as well. New parking passes can not be used on the date of their purchase, and the guest will be required to pay for parking as normal. Parking passes take 24-48 hours to reload, so any parking pass holders who enter the garage with 0 trips on their card will be required to pull a ticket, and pay for parking on that day, with the re-loaded card being valid within 24-48 hours of the reload date. The screen on the entrance machine will display the remaining visits on the card upon tap entry. A multi-visit parking pass does not guarantee a parking space.

5 uses (6 for Garden Members) $30
11 uses (13 for Garden Members) $60
21 uses $90
31 uses $120
40 uses $150

Special Events/Festival Rates

Facility Rental Parking Fee $10
Special Event Parking Fee $10
Festival Parking Fee $35

Public Transportation

Atlanta is served by the MARTA transit system. Bus #27 stops at the main entrance at 1345 Piedmont Avenue, and Bus #27 may be boarded at either the Midtown or Lindbergh Center train stations.

Plan Your Trip Using MARTA

SAGE Facts

SAGE stands for Safety, Access and Greenspace Expansion. A model for creating green parking facilities, the 765-space SAGE Parking Facility all but disappears into the greenspace that was previously a blighted hillside in Piedmont Park.

Parking Perks

Garden members get several free visits added to multi-visit parking passes in the Garden Gift Shop. Garden volunteers who donate 100 or more hours during the volunteer year (January to December) receive Garden-sponsored paid parking the following year while active.

SAGE Parking FAQs

How do I enter the parking facility?

Garden visitors are encouraged to enter the parking facility from the Garden entrance at Piedmont Avenue and The Prado and drive onto the top level of the deck. Piedmont Park visitors enter through an entrance off Monroe Drive onto Worchester Road to enter the bottom level of the deck through the tunnel.

What are the hours of the parking facility?

Operating hours are 6 a.m. open to 11 p.m., seven days a week including all holidays.

Who designed and built the parking facility and who owns it?

The Atlanta Botanical Garden built the deck and owns it. The design team included architects Jova/Daniels/Busy, general contractor Hardin Construction and project managers Silverman Construction Program Management Inc.

Who operates the parking facility?

The Atlanta Botanical Garden hired LAZ Parking – a private company based in Atlanta – to operate and manage the facility.

What safety measures has the Garden taken to ensure people’s safety in the parking facility?

Like any public parking deck, the Garden encourages visitors to use good judgment when parking such as not leaving valuables behind, locking your car, being aware of your surroundings, etc. The Garden installed some extra safety features including 24-hour alarm pull stations, excellent lighting, an on-site parking manager and surveillance cameras throughout the facility.

What happens if I lose my parking ticket?

Visitors will be charged the maximum daily parking rate of $30

How can I save on parking fees? Is there a parking pass for multiple visits?

Yes, there is a Multi-Visit Parking Pass for people who frequent the garden and the park. The pass speeds access to both attractions. Garden members are offered a 20% discount at the 5 and 10 time parking visit levels.

What happens if I lose my Multi-Visit Parking Pass?

Lost or stolen passes cannot be replaced and no refunds will be issued. The passes should be treated like cash.

I have a question about the parking facility. Who do I ask?

The parking facility manager from LAZ Parking is available during normal operating hours to answer most of your parking questions; the Garden’s website should be a great resource as well. You may also want to phone the Garden’s concierge at 404-876-5859. They will direct your question to the most appropriate Garden staff member for a timely reply.

What happens if I lock my keys or get a flat tire in the deck? Who can help me?

The parking facility will have an on-site manager from LAZ Parking who will be able to assist people in need. The Garden encourages people to also use their 24 hour roadside assistance programs to help.

Can I leave my car parked overnight?

For the safety of our visitors, cars will not be permitted to park overnight

Is there a place in the parking facility where I might lock up my bike?

Yes, on the top level of the parking facility there is a complimentary bike rack.

Is the parking facility handicap accessible?

Yes, handicap parking spaces are available as well as elevators.