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The Orangerie, located in the Fuqua Conservatory, continues a centuries-old tradition of growing economically important plants under glass far from their native environments. Orangeries date to the Renaissance, during the 1400s, when wealthy European families began to maintain orangeries, or greenhouses, to grow fresh citrus fruit throughout the year. More recently, uncommon tropical fruits, nuts and spices have been introduced.

The Garden’s Orangerie features an array of citrus and other economically, medicinally, and industrially significant plants from around the world. Many of the products produced from these plants are familiar, while the plants themselves may be much less well-known. Keep your eyes out for oranges, lemons, nutmeg, cocoa, coffee and more.


Nutmeg and mace come from the same Indonesian evergreen tree but are now cultivated around the world. See it in the Dorothy Chapman Fuqua Conservatory Orangerie.
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Cinnamon comes from a tree species originally discovered in Sri Lanka, which still produces the majority of the world's supply. Discover it yourself in the Orangerie of the Dorothy Chapman Fuqua Conservatory.
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